Posted by on March 24, 2017

If you have an interest in gardening, good news! There are a lot of ways to cut costs when you are getting started in gardening.

  1. Start plants from seeds
    It’s definitely cheaper to grow vegetables, annuals and perennials from seed, but buying seeds the first year can quickly and easily become expensive. Start small and build up a collection of seeds. Know any friends or neighbors who are into gardening? See if they have any seeds to swap with you. You don’t usually need any special seed-starting equipment as most seeds can be started directly in the garden.
  2. Buy a few perennials and divide them over the years to get more plants
    You can check out end-of-season sales and small, local garden centers. Buying items locally means there is a higher chance that they are the proper plants for your growing zone. Plus buying from local centers means you can ask questions.
  3. Use homegrown sources
    This is a great way to get into composting and creating your own fertilizer out of items such as compose and chicken manure!
  4. Shop at garage sales
    Buy your gardening tools from garage sales. You don’t need to buy your supplies and equipment brand new! Gardening tools are a common find at garage sales.
  5. Start off small
    It’s easy to get carried away and overwhelm yourself when you are learning to garden. Start small, growing some easy plants and some vegetables that your family will enjoy. Learn as you go and grow accordingly each year.