landscape_heiz2After the snow clears you may be surprised by how forlorn your lawn and planting areas look. Do not dismay! R&M Property Services, LLC. is expert at reviving the lush greens and vibrant colors that you love about your landscaping and lawn.

We provide several levels of clean up, trimming and preparation for the next season. In the spring we trim any shrubs or decorative trees that require spring trimming and tidy up everything that may have withered or accumulated over the winter. This makes your beds ready for the spring emergence of perennial flowers and grasses. We also do any planting that you would like!

In the fall we trim back your perennials and any shrubs, decorative trees or grasses that should be trimmed in the fall. In the fall we can also provide burlap surrounds to protect your shrubs and perennials from salt, wind and snow.

We love leaves! Call our crews to do the raking for you. We will provide a single event clean up or a regular maintenance program for keeping your yard beautiful and leaf free. We will rake, shake, blow and haul them away.

We also do hoarder cleanups and nuisance abatement services.

Our schedule fills quickly. Call now to plan for your seasonal clean up. 855-595-3884