Posted by on March 10, 2017

This past week, we’ve had terrible weather across the state, leaving almost a third of the state without power due to wind damage. With wind damage and bad storms come downed trees, one of the most dangerous and damaging outcomes of these storms!

So what do you do when you find a tree or even large branches down in your yard?

Before you begin, make sure to take pictures of the damage and the downed trees and branches. Documentation is important in case you need to file any claims with homeowners insurance.

First, make sure that there are no power lines caught in the downed tree or branches. If there are, be sure to stay away as these can be very dangerous. Call the power company immediately to report it (or if you are a DTE customer, you can even use their handy new app from your phone!).

Once you are sure that there is no danger from power lines, it is time to assess the tree and the damage. Trees can survive and keep growing even after a surprising amount of damage, but you still need to assess the safety of keeping the tree and also what it will look like. Damaged trees can be a haven for ants, termites and mice.

If the main trunk of the tree is split or otherwise broken, or if limbs from an entire side are gone, it is best to remove it.

If you are keeping the tree, you’ll want to remove damaged branches from the ground, then any easily reached from the ground. This is where a cleanup service for yards comes in handy as not only are trained professionals best at assessing the damage, they can make sure to not further damage the property or other growth while cleaning things up.

For those who choose to do clean-ups themselves, it is important to wear protective gear. Ear protection, protective eyewear and durable gloves are necessities. Also, don’t rush. Everyone wants their yard cleared up as soon as the storms are done, but landscape cleaning is not something most people have experience doing so it’s easy to become overly fatigued and that can be dangerous.

When disposing of the waste, you have different options depending on where you live. Some cities require lawn bags for debris, some do not offer that service. Some require you to break down the twigs, leaves and branches. Professional services can haul away your debris from the property and leave everything looking great!

If you are interested in having R&M Property Services come clean your yard up after this or any other storm, just give us a call at 734-595-3884!


  We can help replant trees that have become partially uprooted from the winds!

  Trees that come down over public areas such as sidewalks can be a danger. Tape them off as you await removal.

Some trees must be removed entirely and cannot be replanted. We can dispose of them for you and fix your yard where it was!